Who We Are

Our History

The seed was planted in 1976. Today, more than forty years later, Sun World is the longest standing fruit breeding company in the industry. Many might not know that Sun World was the inventor of the first seedless watermelon. Today, our primary focus is on developing ground breaking table grape and stonefruit varieties.

Sun World

Creating Fresh Solutions for a Fruitful Tomorrow.

Sun World Innovations is a global fruit genetics and licensing company focused on creating better fruit varieties and sharing these varieties,
with our licensee family of growers and marketers worldwide. In addition to variety development and licensing, we also look to identify and nurture agricultural technologies.

Seedless grapes marketed under distinctive varietal brands:


Stone fruit varieties marketed under special varietal brands:

BLACK DIAMOND®, BLACK GIANT®, RED DIAMOND® and APPLUM® plums, AMBER CREST® peaches, SUPER STAR® nectarines, and HONEYCOT® apricots

Our 3 Pillars:

  • Fruit variety development: we are dedicated to creating the finest tasting fruit for growers, marketers, retailers and consumers to enjoy.
  • Global licensee family: we partner with the finest nurseries, growers, and marketers worldwide to farm and distribute our proprietary varieties to retailers and consumers around the world.
  • Nurturing and introducing new ag technologies: we strive to identify better ways to farm, pack and harvest permanent specialty crops and to manage farming operations with more relevant data.

Our Team

With more than 200 years of industry experience our team includes fruit breeders, technicians, research agronomists, global licensing staff, marketers, agricultural technology- and IP specialists. 

Our variety development staff:

Our team of breeders uses traditional breeding techniques to develop proprietary peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots and seedless grapes that are flavorful, “grower-friendly”, and sustainable. What we mean by grower friendly and sustainable is that we strive to develop varieties with higher yield and greater disease and pest resistance to reduce the need for water, chemical inputs, and labor, making it easier for the producer to grow.

Meet our Team


Our team is committed to the success of our licensees. We share risks and rewards with producers and provide them with ongoing and extensive technical guidance within their region to help ensure long term and sustainable success in their operations.

Our Partners:

We partner with the finest growers and marketers throughout the world. As a result, today Sun World fruit varieties are grown on over 42,000 acres (more than 17,000 hectares) on six continents, ensuring year-round supply of some of the best fruit available.

Beyond the grower:

Our team is driven to ensure a sustainable supply of the most flavorful Sun World grape and stone fruit varieties to leading retailers and wholesalers around the world.


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